Mark your calendars for July 26-28th. We will be offering 60 minute Massage gift cards for $55 each. We will still offer the 3 for $180 and 5 for $275 all month long, but will release the purchase minimum for those 3 days. Please do not miss this opportunity to stock up at this low price. Gift cards purchased may be placed in any account.

Spa office hours 9a - 5p for in store purchases.
Contact the office for promotional gift card price on other Tranquil Touch services.

Reflexology $45

Used as a zone therapy technique, proper pressure is placed at precise points on the feet and hands that correspond with different parts of the body. 
This treatment includes a light facial massage as well as the techniques on the feet and hands.

Upgrade this service to a Reflexology Combo which includes a full reflexology session with 45 minutes of massage incorporated. $90

July 2017 Specials and Promotions

It's officially summer and all the festivities are in full swing. Don't forget to take care of your body throughout the traveling and spending time outdoors. 

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology may help with:
Plantar Fasciitis
Lower leg injuries and pain
Activities of Daily Living
Decrease Stress and Anxiety
Enhance Sleep
Boosts Circulation
Eliminates Toxins
Increase organ function